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Trigger Point - Grid STK Contour (Orange)


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Product description:
Color: Orange
Length: 50 cm
Diameter: 6,4 cm
Weight: 0,34 kg 

✓ Flexible hourglass design wraps around and compresses muscles while rolling to relieve soreness and speed muscle recovery post workout

✓ Foam spindles individually roll across muscles to provide a comfortable massage while increasing circulation to improve muscle mobility

✓ Slim handles make it easy to control and leverage pressure for targeting muscle knots and releasing tightness while seated or standing

✓ Engineered for user-controlled pressure to massage lower and upper body muscle groups, including calf, hamstring,
quadriceps, and back

The flexible STK Contour™ muscle roller stick wraps around and compresses muscles while rolling to increase circulation, speed up recovery, and improve mobility.

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