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Let's Bands - Power Set Mini


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Product description:
Material: 100% natural rubber
Color: Yellow/Green/Blue
Washing instructions: Do not wash

✓ 3 different bands (light, medium and hard)
✓ High quality 
✓ One package with all you need

These nice yellow, green and blue bands with different resistance are some of the best bands for workout you will find in the market at the moment. The bands are perfekt for all kinds of workout, especially on to go, since they are placed in a small bag easy to carry with you. 

Resistance in kilos:

Color 100% 200% 300%
Yellow 3.9 kg 5.5 kg 7.7 kg
Green 5.5 kg 7.7 kg 11 kg
Blue 7.7 kg 11.6 kg 16.5 kg

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