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Let's Bands - Power Set Max

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Product description:
Material: 100% natural rubber
Color: Yellow/Green/Blue
Washing instructions: Do not wash

✓ 3 bands (easy, medium & hard) 
✓ 1 long powerband 
✓ High quality 
✓ 60-day online gym access
✓ Mesh bag for storing

This set includes 4 elastics and is perfect if you wish to workout without having to go to the gym to get the full effect. This set enables you to do all kinds of exercises and workouts. Get a more challenging workout than usually by including this bands into your workout!

Resistance in kilos:

Color 100% 200% 300%
Yellow 3.9 kg 5.5 kg 7.7 kg
Green 5.5 kg 7.7 kg 11 kg
Blue 7.7 kg 11.6 kg 16.5 kg
Black 20.9 kg 31.4 kg 44 kg

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