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Let's Bands - Medium Powerband Tube


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Product description: 
100% natural rubber
Colour: Green
Washing instructions: Do not wash the product

✓ Medium strength
✓ High quality
✓ The ergonomic rotating handles ensure maximum comfort
✓ Perfect to build muscles, body toning, and burn fat

Get your total body training wherever you want with our with the space-saving powerbands TUBE in green (medium resistance). Our Durable and versatile Tubes offer three different color-coded resistance levels and feature padded handles to ensure a comfortable workout. After purchasing your powerbands TUBE, you will find a code and sign-up instructions inside your packaging for our online training platform. Tubes are durable, versatile, and suitable for any type of targeted strength training to full body workouts; specifically to strengthen and tone arms, chest, shoulders, back, and lower body extremities.

A tube design is desirable for those who feel handles would be more comfortable. Tubes come in three different levels of tension to suit all fitness levels: yellow (light), green (medium) and blue (heavy). Dimensions: 120 cm.

Resistance in kilos:


200% 250% 300%
3.7 kg 4.6 kg 5.6 kg

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