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Freddy WR.UP® - Waist Difference

WR.UP® Size Guide 

WR.UP® comes in different waist types: 
  1. Low Waist
  2. Regular Waist
  3. Mid Waist 
  4. High Waist
  5. Curvy 

At the waistline of all Low, Regular- and curvy models, is a silicone band, that ensures that the pants stay in place all day, and during every movement. The silicone band is comfortable and you will not feel it. 

The Mid- and high waist models there is no silicone band because the waist is higher it is not necessary. These models will stay in place perfectly without the additional silicone band.

On the picture below we have shown all waist types including the curvy model, to show the differen waist measurements:

WR.UP® Eco Leather
The Eco Leather models in Low- and Regular waist has more fabric in the waist line, to ensure the best comfort. Compared to the other WR.UP®, such as the Basic and Denim models, the Eco Leather is 1-2 cm taller in the waist. 

WR.UP® Curvy
We reccomend going 1-2 sizes down in our curvy model. The model is made especially for curvy girls.